Sliver Street Development is proud to announce the creation of Silver Georgetown JV, LLC (SGJV), a joint venture between Silver Street Development Corporation (SSDC) and Georgetown Development Partners (GDP).

GDP specializes in the preservation and development of affordable housing. We provide development services for public and private (not-for-profit and for profit) organizations including housing authorities, housing cooperatives and other community focused entities, helping them to realize their vision. Our deep commitment to corporate and social responsibility is reflected in how we approach the redevelopment of existing housing communities into neighborhoods of opportunity for the residents who currently live there. Our mantra is, “Changing lives one community at a time.”

As veteran affordable housing professionals, SGJV recognizes the importance of assembling a strong and experienced Development Team that can help lead projects from inception to reality. This ensures that those most directly affected by our actions (residents, families, and communities) are engaged, empowered, and assured to participate in the process we will undertake. We have identified and described the Development Team and its qualifications in the following responses.

Having worked in partnership with other PHA’s and attending the conference mentioned above we know that SGJV is among the top choices of development partners a PHA could choose to work with. Some of our key areas of expertise that fit directly in with a conversion to a Section 8 Funding platform include:

  • Extensive experience working directly with RAD, HUD and its partners.
  • Experts in tenant in place property renovations and New Construction
  • Tenant relations and project management
  • Property security and beautification
  • REAC inspection and maintenance management
  • LIHTC redevelopment and management
  • LIHTC management and compliance training

Our goal is to leverage our experience by partnering with PHA’s across the country to aid HUD in its mission of leveraging the proven Section 8 platform and private capital to preserve aging public housing assets. We can all help meet HUD’s goal by eradicating over $25 billion in capital repair needs across the public housing portfolio, modernizing aging family and elderly properties and offering greater choice and mobility to the communities served by local PHA’s. Most importantly all of this can be done without the interruption or loss of income to the PHA and in most cases providing additional monetary and resource benefits to the tenants and the PHA’s alike.