At a Glance

Silver Street Development Corporation is an organization dedicated to the quality preservation, operation, and growth of affordable housing in the United States. Since our inception we have pioneered acquisition and development strategies, including our implementation of one of the first Section 236 decouplings and our frequent, successful employment of complex bond capitalizations, that have changed the face of subsidized and affordable housing.

Through the course of our evolution from a local developer to one of the top 30 affordable housing owners in the United States, our team, comprised of industry leaders with over 20 years of experience each in the multi-family housing market, has developed an unmatched expertise in the industry as well as fruitful and longstanding relationships with industry leaders.

With a growing portfolio of over 10,000 units, and with offices located in Portland, Maine, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Washington, DC, Silver Street Development Corp. has never been in a better position to offer secure and beneficial affordable housing opportunities to sellers, investors, and residents alike.