For Over 25 Years

We have been dedicated to the quality preservation, operation, and growth of affordable housing in the United States. Through the course of our evolution from a local developer to one of the top 30 affordable housing owners in the United States, we have perfected an approach to our business that reliably creates secure affordable housing opportunities for sellers, investors, and residents alike.



Great management is the lifeblood of any property.

Award Winning Management

Across the Silver Street portfolio partnering with trusted and proven managers is our number one priority in ensuring we cultivate a portfolio of communities, not just properties.

About Us


For over 25 years our Development team has been leading the way in affordable housing development and re-development.

Acquisition, Preservation, & Development

Navigating the rules and regulations in affordable development takes experience, creativity, relationships and attention to detail.

Our Portfolio


We are extremely proud of the near 100 communities given new life over the years and of the team we have built in getting there.

Experience Driven Leadership

Silver Street is a family of passionate, talented and driven individuals.  For more about us see our team bios.



We invite you to learn more here, with us.

Long-Standing Partnerships

Over the years Silver Street has forged some exceptional lasting relationships committed to the advancement of quality housing in America.

Our Partners & Clients

Rethinking Affordable Housing

Across our portfolio we are constantly working to reshape the way affordable housing is perceived within both resident communities and the population at large. Be it through our long-standing green engineering initiatives, our award-winning management platforms, or through close cooperation with our diverse network of partners and collaborators, we are committed to building on our 25-year tradition of innovation and evolution in affordable housing.